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Once in a while a tool comes by which changes the business world so dramatically that we wonder how we ever did business without it. The printing press did this in the 1600s, and the computer did it just recently. We’re doing it again in the twenty first century with the Australian delivery tool. You can compare the freight rates of countless freight companies by filling out a simple form. The beauty is that the economic landscape has become so competitive that the freight companies are driving each other to provide their services at cost. You can literally ship your packages for pennies above the cost to the freight company. But you have to get them to offer these prices to you.

The Delivery Australia tool will give you the opportunity to put all of these companies to work, competing for your business. And then you will ultimately save a lot of money in the process. The traditional way of doing this involved a day or more of calling. But with the Australian delivery tool you can compare rates in just a minute or two. You just need to fill in the simple form with the information collected from your package that’s ready to ship. And then you can get the freight companies to give you their absolute best rates.

The Delivery Australia tool does not require you to make any commitments – no retainers or account fees are required for you to use the tool. And there are also no minimum fees required for you to use the tool. We will provide you the information you need to make the decision to ship your package. And then you will get the best absolute rates. You can choose from economy to overnight shipping. You can choose to insure the package if you need to and you can track it. You can also provide all of the information to your client so they can track the package too.

And if you have customers who prefer to do their own shipping, you can provide access to the Delivery Australia tool as a value-add for your product. Give them access to the tool and allow them to insert their own information and make their own choices. They can have the package or freight shipped however they want, whether it’s overnight international or economy local. Your customers will be impressed with your business acumen if you share this tool. And if you can get your customers using the Australian delivery tool on their own, you can save more time and sell more product to more customers, while keeping all of them happy.

IF you need to integrate your tool with your own CRM or CMS software for your customers and employees, we offer an API that will allow you to easily integrate your back end system into our system. Your customer won’t even need to know that you are using our back end. There is nothing that competes with the Delivery Australia tool that is going to provide the same level of service and flexibility of options

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